8 Fun (and Creative) Ways to Reward Your Students for Good Behavior and Attendance

21 Sep

There’s nothing like a little positive reinforcement to get your kids motivated—and to help you with your classroom management.  Get started on a fun, positive classroom management plan by using one of these fun, creative and (best of all!) inexpensive rewards.

1.  BragTags™: Give each of your kids a key chain and then let them collect unique colorful tags as they rack up attendance days or good behavior in class. Check them out here!

2. Time:  Your students love to spend time with you—really—so, whether it’s a twenty minute one-on-one lunch or a five-minute phone call, a great reward is the opportunity to spend time with you.

3. Static Clings:  Order customized static cling stickers with your school or class logo and give them to kids to adorn their lockers, their windows or their binders. Check out cool static clings here!

4. Class Activities:  Challenge your entire class to an entire week without a tardy or an entire day without a behavioral disruption—and then reward the class with popcorn or a game.

5. Privileges:  Reward your kids for good behavior with privileges—like the opportunity to listen to music during quiet work time or the chance to play kickball at recess.

6. School supplies:  Kids are always running out of school supplies—so reward them with special pencils or pens that are customized to your school or class colors, mascot or logo. Check out custom pens and pencils here!

7. Wristbands:  Let your kids show off their positive behavior with customized wristbands that declare that they are top attendees, good listeners and that they turn in their homework. Still a favorite, custom wristbands never disappoint, check them out here!

8. Have a student of the month ceremony each month. Download free certificated here.

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One response to “8 Fun (and Creative) Ways to Reward Your Students for Good Behavior and Attendance

  1. vanessa perales

    November 21, 2013 at 3:20 pm

    I think that thousands are great ideas to reward kids


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