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Happy Halloween (on a school day)!

A friend of mine that is a 4th grade elementary teacher recently told me she used to DREAD when Halloween fell on a school day, because her classroom seemed to go crazy. But in the same breath, as a grin spread across her face, she stated it is no longer a day of dread! Her eyes sparkled when she said “I actually look forward to the creativity I will pull from my students on this day”! I learned that she started utilizing a sort of “creepy creative writing” activity. Now… “HALLOWEEN ON A SCHOOL DAY” no longer requires a straight jacket.

Below is a recipe for “Creepy Creative Writing” that will get students creative juices flowing, and at the same time help them focus and remain calm.

To spark the creative writer in your classroom this Halloween, incorporate a seasonal writing exercise. Creative writing allows students to use basic writing principles and class material in a fun and unique way. This activity can also be used to teach seasonal vocabulary. Consider jazzing up your creepy creative writing activity with festive paper, this will help to get your students’ creative juices flowing! Writing keywords on the blackboard can also help to provide students with some direction for the activity and focus in the classroom. Words like “SPOOKTACKULAR”, “CAULDRON”, “EERIE” “MOONLIGHT”…

Creative Writing for Halloween – incorporate this creative writing activity into any Halloween lesson plan.

Halloween Theme Papers – Use these spooky themed printable paper templates for a Halloween writing project.

Star in Your Own Halloween Story – Create your own creepy story to share.

A Halloween Who, When, Where Story – This writing activity is great for beginners and includes prompts to help young writers construct their Halloween story.

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Make Your Mark

Steve Jobs made his mark, one giant positive innovative mark!

Make your mark, think positive, think big.

Laughs for the day:

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See it. Stop it. Report it.

We love to see customers get creative with their “NO BULLY” campaigns. An Elementary School in Davenport Iowa is giving a debossed awareness bracelet to every student! One side says BE BULLY SMART – SEE IT. STOP IT. REPORT IT. The other side has their school name.


Students never seem to tire of these silicone bracelets, they are still a very cool, very effective way of spreading awareness.

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Winners Never Bully

This weekend was homecoming for my two high school boys. (My younger son in white tie, pictured above with his buddies). It was a great weekend. Although their groups of friends are very nice kids, it was brought to my attention there was an issue with a few girls not being nice or inclusive to another girl surrounding homecoming weekend. Even though I do not have a daughter, it was very upsetting to me as I feel this is a type of “bullying” that happens all too often. There have been so many stories in the news of heartbreaking “bullying situations”. We as parents and teachers need to take action… even if the bullying is excluding someone from homecoming groups… bullying starts somewhere, and it’s up to all of us to stop it.


Yes, this week is National RED RIBBON week. So along with drug awareness, many school districts across the nation are also recognizing this week as ANTI BULLYING WEEK.

We know teachers help spread awareness, kindness and love every day. For that we say THANK YOU and keep up the good work! Our children are our future; let’s help make it bright!

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Warrior Girls

My sister (and business partner) just read a GREAT book that lead to a very interesting discussion. The book, Warrior Girls, is a fascinating look at girls sports. My sister and I have always been active and into sports, so we began talking about how youth sports have changed drastically since we were in school. During our elementary, junior high and high school careers, we played a multitude of sports, usually dictated by the season. The trend now seems to drive kids to “focus” on one sport at an early age. Kids are dedicated to playing that sport 11 months out of the year leaving very little time for other activities. The author of this book points out “those other activities will help build other muscles and reduce risk of a serious injury”.

Warrior Girls primary focus is “Protecting our Daughters Against the Injury Epidemic in Women’s Sports”. It is important to teach our girls (and boys) at an early age the importance of cross training and taking care of one’s body.

Any parent that has an active daughter should take a look at this book. Any parent that has a daughter that plays soccer MUST read this book.

Resources listed in the book:

For specific exercise:

ACL tear prevention:

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School Recognized National Awareness Dates

JUST AROUND THE CORNER: Red Ribbon Week – October 21-31

JUST AROUND THE CORNER: Character Counts week – October 17-21

With these two important weeks being just around the corner, we began thinking of other awareness days/weeks that are relevant to teachers and students. Below is a list that we hope you find helpful.

National Day of Service/Patriot Day September: 11

Disability History and Awareness Month: October 1-31

National Fire prevention Week: Oct 10-14

National School Lunch Week: Oct 10-14

School Bus Safety Week: October 17-21

National Character Counts: Oct 17-21

Red Ribbon Week: October 23-31

Standard Time Change: November 7

National Veterans Day: November 11

National Recycling Week: November 7-13

National Family Week:  November 20-26

Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Observed: January 16

National School Counseling Week: February 6-10

Random Acts of Kindness Week: February 14-20

Presidents Day: February 21

Daylight Savings Time: March 13

National Nutrition Month: March 1-31

National Library Week:  April 8-14

National Environmental Education Week: April 15-21

Earth Day: April 22

National Physical Fitness Month: May 1-31

National Physical Education and Sports Week: May 1-7

National Book Week: May 6-12

National Teacher Appreciation Week: May 6-12

National Teacher Day: May 8

National Music Week: May 7-13

Memorial Day:  May 30

National Flag Day: June 14

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Happy Teachers Make Happy Students!

Please check out another wonderful, happy teacher’s blog about our BragTags™. We are thrilled these tags are having such a positive impact! We want to thank “What’s the Buzz in 1st” for the positive feedback.

What a great idea to adorn the bulletin board behind your student computers with BragTags™. A perfect marriage of space utilization and eye-catching creativity!


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