A Tribute to Steve Jobs

10 Oct

My aunt sent the below image to us the day Steve Jobs passed away. It made me realize she knew just how much Steve Jobs has meant to our company directly and indirectly. My father had the very FIRST generation Macintosh computer, when not much was know about Apple. We’ve come a long way since then, thanks to the visionary genius of Steve Jobs. We started our company with just a few Apple computers…a tower, a laptop and the ORIGINAL iMac called the Blueberry. Now, our fabulous graphic design team uses state of the art iMacs in our every day operations. It was love at first sight with us and Apple, and I, on more than one occasion, have taken it personally when Apple has not been on the top of someones computer needs or desires. Over the years we’ve given our employees, iPhones, iPods and iPod touches. Personally I don’t think myself or my partners would function efficiently throughout our day without our iPhones, iPads, iMacs, or iBooks. For us, it is more like a deep love than an addiction.

The whole thing is very sobering… a man who was worth 8.3 BILLION dollars and yet he couldn’t buy life. It is mind boggling and truly inspiring as we see how many MILLIONS of people he touched through his work. I’ve been in awe of Steve Jobs several times at Macworld conferences, starring wide eyed and hanging on his every word, as he introduced a new product. Even though we never met Mr. Jobs personally, as long time Apple users, it is feels like were part of the “family” and his death had more than a profound affect on us.

The apple logo decorates everything from the window of my car, to my son’s school binder. I’m hoping to update my Apple decals to this image!

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