Warrior Girls

20 Oct

My sister (and business partner) just read a GREAT book that lead to a very interesting discussion. The book, Warrior Girls, is a fascinating look at girls sports. My sister and I have always been active and into sports, so we began talking about how youth sports have changed drastically since we were in school. During our elementary, junior high and high school careers, we played a multitude of sports, usually dictated by the season. The trend now seems to drive kids to “focus” on one sport at an early age. Kids are dedicated to playing that sport 11 months out of the year leaving very little time for other activities. The author of this book points out “those other activities will help build other muscles and reduce risk of a serious injury”.

Warrior Girls primary focus is “Protecting our Daughters Against the Injury Epidemic in Women’s Sports”. It is important to teach our girls (and boys) at an early age the importance of cross training and taking care of one’s body.

Any parent that has an active daughter should take a look at this book. Any parent that has a daughter that plays soccer MUST read this book.

Resources listed in the book:

For specific exercise:

ACL tear prevention:

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