Happy Halloween (on a school day)!

31 Oct

A friend of mine that is a 4th grade elementary teacher recently told me she used to DREAD when Halloween fell on a school day, because her classroom seemed to go crazy. But in the same breath, as a grin spread across her face, she stated it is no longer a day of dread! Her eyes sparkled when she said “I actually look forward to the creativity I will pull from my students on this day”! I learned that she started utilizing a sort of “creepy creative writing” activity. Now… “HALLOWEEN ON A SCHOOL DAY” no longer requires a straight jacket.

Below is a recipe for “Creepy Creative Writing” that will get students creative juices flowing, and at the same time help them focus and remain calm.

To spark the creative writer in your classroom this Halloween, incorporate a seasonal writing exercise. Creative writing allows students to use basic writing principles and class material in a fun and unique way. This activity can also be used to teach seasonal vocabulary. Consider jazzing up your creepy creative writing activity with festive paper, this will help to get your students’ creative juices flowing! Writing keywords on the blackboard can also help to provide students with some direction for the activity and focus in the classroom. Words like “SPOOKTACKULAR”, “CAULDRON”, “EERIE” “MOONLIGHT”…

Creative Writing for Halloween – incorporate this creative writing activity into any Halloween lesson plan.

Halloween Theme Papers – Use these spooky themed printable paper templates for a Halloween writing project.

Star in Your Own Halloween Story – Create your own creepy story to share.

A Halloween Who, When, Where Story – This writing activity is great for beginners and includes prompts to help young writers construct their Halloween story.

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