Skate into the holidays with good behavior

10 Nov

With the HOLIDAYS just around the corner, students may need extra help to stay focused and on task. Below are a few “cool” ideas:

1. Announce a “Mystery Student” of the day (or week). Identify where behavior needs to be improved (during reading groups, walking in the halls, cleaning after projects, lunch etc.), then watch for a student that is following rules and expectations. Have a reward ceremony in your classroom and announce the mystery student! Give them an inexpensive “caught being good” skate tag. (just $0.38/ea for 100 tags). You’ll be the coolest teacher on the block!

2. Give students “Brain Breaks” to keep them energized and focused. Giving the brain a break from thinking every so often actually helps the brain stay focused. Give your students “bet you can’t do this” tasks – and video them. Check out one creative teacher’s “brain breaks

3. Hold a poetry slam! When kids are given opportunities to perform and share in a public forum (like your classroom or a group of classrooms), they rise to the challenge. They put out their best effort to express themselves, and it takes the learning to a much deeper place. Have students write a poem about what Thanksgiving means to them. Or read “The Giving Tree” and have your student express what the book means to them. Video their performances to add another element of fun!


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3 responses to “Skate into the holidays with good behavior

  1. Denise

    November 13, 2011 at 8:37 pm

    Great Ideas – Cute Brag Tags (my school uses them for perfect monthly attendance) – now I have other ideas for them too. Thnx

  2. Cheryl

    November 15, 2011 at 3:52 am

    I love these! I was one of the winners of the giveaway and am soooo excited! My class needs some “positive” thoughts these days, so I am sure your tags will inspire them to give their best! Thank you for helping with this giveaway! Y’all rock!!! 🙂


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