Keeping up with the…”Johnson’s”

12 Jan

You’ve heard of “keeping up with the Jones” – well recently I read about another family we should all try to keep up with – the Johnson’s! Ok, yes I first read about them in “People” magazine (my guilty pleasure) – but then immediately researched the article to learn more about this ZERO WASTE FAMILY.

See the yellow circle around the jar? That is the amount of trash this family of four threw out over the course of ONE YEAR! Wow. Bea Johnson’s philosophy is simple:

Refuse, refuse, refuse. Then reduce, reuse, and recycle (and only in that order).

Truly inspiring; check out her blog. There is a short video in the “about” section, that shows a glimpse into this lifestyle. The family is adorable and Bea has a cute french accent! If only all elementary, junior high and high school students think and live the same way her two son’s do, our future would be even brighter.

I love her “top 10 TIPS“!

Reading articles like this, makes me think of one person. My mom. She has lived somewhat like this for most of my life. She continues to go in this direction with composting, re-using, re-cycling, organic gardening and inspiring others around her to do the same.

My new New Years Resolutions: Along with my re-usable grocery tote – I’ll bring jars for bulk items to the grocery store and farmers market. I’ll start composting again and fight junk mail. (To get off lists go to: or

I’m sure you’re all doing something already! Can you think of a New Years Resolution heading more in the “zero waste direction”? Hope 2012 is CLEANER and GREENER for all of us!

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One response to “Keeping up with the…”Johnson’s”

  1. shawnnav

    January 13, 2012 at 4:48 am

    Great post– I especially like the idea about taking glass jars to the store. Who new such great environmentally friendly ideas could come from People magazine?!?!


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