Continue Random Acts of Kindness

15 Feb


love_heart.pngIn addition to Valentine’s Day, this week (February 13th-19th) is Random Acts of Kindness Week? We love that teachers are sharing the love, and challenging their students to show kindness in small and/or big ways. Along with the Kindness Week Kickoff Project – below are some easy ways to help your students celebrate Random Acts of Kindness all week:

  1. Make Cards for a Nursing Home or Local Business.  Help your little artists make cards or pictures and then deliver them to cheer the residents at a local nursing home or to help decorate the offices of a local business.
  2. Help other kids.  If you teach older students in a school, have your students to go read stories, tutor or play with the kids in a younger class.
  3. Make a Wall of Kindness in your classroom.  Have your kids write all the ways they can show kindness both now and throughout the school year on slips of paper and then post them on a wall of kindness to remind them.
  4. Who’s Kind?  Research kind “heroes” from throughout history or literature and have each kid write a report about one person who inspired them to be kind.
  5. Write letters.  Help your kids write letters home to their parents or grandparents telling them how much they love and appreciate them.
  6. Start Kindness Journals.  Give each kid a notebook and ask them to record each time they do or see an act of kindness and how that act made them feel.
  7. Create a Kindness Chain. Start a chain of kindness that will reach your whole school or your whole city by challenging another classroom (or the whole school) to do something kind for someone else.
  8. The Giving Tree.  Read “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein and discuss how the tree showed kindness to the boy even when the boy wasn’t showing it in return.

How do you celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week?

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