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Reading Superheroes

Post Elementary in Houston, TX is motivating and rewarding readers in a SUPER cool way!

Check out just some of the SUPER cute reading BragTags™ that we created for Post.

Great job on developing SUPERHERO READERS!

Defeat standardized tests by giving kids the ultimate superpower: READING.

Supersonic hearing and X-ray vision have nothing on reading. A love of books can transport students around the world, launch them into the future, and help them to conquer high-stakes exams. Check out these FREE teaching resources for popular read-aloud books.

Don’t Fidget a Feather – Grade K
Teacher Guide / Practice Activities
Big Moon Tortilla – Grade 1
Teacher Guide / Practice Activities
Yoon and the Jade Bracelet – Grade 2
Teacher Guide / Practice Activities
First Day in Grapes – Grade 3
Teacher Guide / Practice Activities

Click here for more lesson ideas, activities, and recommendations for turning your students into reading superheroes.

Quote of the day: “The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss, “I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!”


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Teacher of the Year – Giveaway!


Recently President Obama recognized Rebecca Mieliwocki, a 7th grade English teacher at Luther Burbank Middle School as 2012 NATIONAL TEACHER OF THE YEAR. We are exceptionally proud to say that her school, Burbank Middle School, is one of our VALEUD customers! (hip hip hooray!)

We are also very proud of another VALUED customer, Carl Melhorn, who was announced as 2012 Educator of the Year by Camarillo CA Chamber of Commerce. It was noted that Mr. Melhorn gives his students BragTags™ to honor academic achievement. (another yippee!)

By now, you know we LOVE teachers, you know we are proud of teachers and you know how important we thinks teachers are! And by now, we know how much you LOVE BragTags™. (thank you) : )

Quote of the week: “Set the highest goals for each and every one of your students, but do me a favor and set an even higher set of goals for yourself. You are a hero to someone and you may not even know it.
Rebecca Mieliwocki / 2012 National Teacher of the Year

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Spring YUM and FUN!

Starbucks yum, mixed with a little fun, makes for really good moods!

My friend and I conducted a fun little experiment at Starbucks. You know how the barista takes drink orders for a few people in line before you get to the register to pay for it? Well… in honor of “Pay It Forward” day (THURSDAY April 26), my friend and I paid for the beverages of the two people in line behind us. We asked the sweet barista gal not give us away, but to simply say “the person paying for your drink asked that you pay it forward.” We then sat down and watched as the recipients smiled and looked around. And guess what?! They then paid for the person behind them! My friend and I smiled and giggled mischievously as a warm fuzzy ran through our bodies!

Check out these fun pay it forward ideas for elementary students:

FREEZE TAG – Play freeze-tag and “unfreeze” the person by saying something kind about them.




We love to show off how other schools creatively reward good deeds! Kudos!

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Friendly Reminder: Three days left!

Friendly Reminder #1: There are 3 days left for the latest BragTag™ giveaway. Head on over to Run Miss Nelson’s Got the Camera and enter!

Friendly Reminder #2: Environmental Week this week. If you haven’t already check out this FUN and interactive environmental lesson plan!

Below are other FREE DOWNLOADS that are designed specifically to encourage your students to think about our earth and natural resources:

WHO GIVES A HOOT – Students learn about endangered birds and animals.

EASY ON THE OIL – This is especially poignant because April 20, 2010 marks the date of the 2nd largest oil spill in history, the Gulf Oil Spill.

SAVING OUR EARTH – Students will test their knowledge and enjoy a few “eye-opening” facts about consumption, and easy ways to reduce.

Happy Earth Day! (April 22)

Question: Are you doing something special for Environmental Week in your classroom? We’d love for you to share!

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Dear Teacher,

Dear Wonderful, Amazing, Talented, Benevolent and Kind TEACHER,

(And when we say teacher, we mean ALL Teachers, Librarians, Counselors, Administrators, Secretaries and Principals). : )

It truly warms our heart to hear how much students are motivated by BragTags™. What is even more inspiring, is how much you care about your students, constantly cultivating ideas to keep them motivated, on task and generally in a good mood. I’m certain teachers are not thanked near enough for all your time, effort, planning, worrying, comforting, joke telling, creating, research, ear lending, and just always being there for your students.

So THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts! We appreciate every single little and big thing you do for your students, our future.

We are a family business, so we really do get warm fuzzies when you share with us! Thank you for that too, and please keep it up!

Check out what Jennifer over at Herding Katz In Kindergarten is doing with her BragTags™. Her sweet husband made this darling display board. Impressive! Also love the idea of adding “beads” in-between the different tags earned.

Did you know that today is Beverly Cleary’s birthday – a librarian and beloved children’s author. Her books include The Mouse and the Motorcycle, the Ramona series, and Dear Mr. Henshaw, which earned her the 1984 Newbery Medal.

Friendly Reminder: April 1-20 School Library Month

Question: Are you doing something special for Environmental Week?

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10% Discount on School Calendar Magnets!

Plan now for next school year. It’s EASY!

Receive a 10% discount on your school calendar magnet if you order now and take delivery in summer!

Click magnet image below for details.

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Lesson Plan for Environmental Week

Friendly Reminder: Environmental Week April 15 – 21 & EARTH DAY is April 22

It’s never too early to teach students the importance of taking care of our earth. Check out this fun, interactive lesson plan that is perfect for Environmental Week and Earth Day!

Students are the detectives in the Case of the Broken Loop, an activity about reducing waste and conserving resources. This fun lesson will make a great contribution to your efforts to teach environmentalism in the classroom. Included are a word search, crossword, scramble, and more!

Interesting facts for today April 6:
In 1917 U.S. declared War on Germany and entered World War I.
In 1896 the first modern Olympics took place
In 1909 the north pole was first reached by Robert Edwin Peary

Have a wonderful Easter Weekend!

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