Dear Teacher,

12 Apr

Dear Wonderful, Amazing, Talented, Benevolent and Kind TEACHER,

(And when we say teacher, we mean ALL Teachers, Librarians, Counselors, Administrators, Secretaries and Principals). : )

It truly warms our heart to hear how much students are motivated by BragTags™. What is even more inspiring, is how much you care about your students, constantly cultivating ideas to keep them motivated, on task and generally in a good mood. I’m certain teachers are not thanked near enough for all your time, effort, planning, worrying, comforting, joke telling, creating, research, ear lending, and just always being there for your students.

So THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts! We appreciate every single little and big thing you do for your students, our future.

We are a family business, so we really do get warm fuzzies when you share with us! Thank you for that too, and please keep it up!

Check out what Jennifer over at Herding Katz In Kindergarten is doing with her BragTags™. Her sweet husband made this darling display board. Impressive! Also love the idea of adding “beads” in-between the different tags earned.

Did you know that today is Beverly Cleary’s birthday – a librarian and beloved children’s author. Her books include The Mouse and the Motorcycle, the Ramona series, and Dear Mr. Henshaw, which earned her the 1984 Newbery Medal.

Friendly Reminder: April 1-20 School Library Month

Question: Are you doing something special for Environmental Week?

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