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Using Technology to Keep Your Students on Track Over the Summer

Today’s teachers are working in a brave new world—one where tablets, apps, and interactive whiteboards are all part of the learning environment. But in order to make this technology a meaningful part of the curriculum, it needs to be incorporated in a thoughtful way.

Using Technology to Keep Your Students on Track Over the Summer

With so much cool technology available, it’s easy to stay in touch with your students over the summer and to encourage them to keep reading, learning and growing even when they are on break. Below are a few ways that you can utilize technology to avoid the summer slide and keep your students on track this summer.

1. Create a summer reading list that includes books from a variety of genres and on a variety of subjects so all of your students will find something they’re interested in. Post this list on your blog or website.

2. Start a classroom blog or website where students can post about the books they’re reading, the museums they’ve visited and what they’ve learned over the summer.

3. Free Download: Print out this list of educational iPhone, iPad or iPod apps for your students’ parents and encourage them to download these apps for their kids.

Spotlight on Faces iMakeApps for Autism.  As some of you know we have a soft spot for Autism supporters. 🙂

Do you have a technology tip you find useful to encourage at-home learning?

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Summer Reading Made EASY

Summer is right around the corner — and with it comes many opportunities to relax and enjoy hot sunny days. But summer also brings opportunities to learn and grow. Days get longer and students’ attention spans can get shorter. Here are a few tips to help preserve the progress you and your students have made this year.

Spark their interest: Read the first book in a series to your students before summer starts and then encourage them to read the rest of the series over the summer.

Public Library Tour: Before school is out, take your kids to the library on a field trip. Help them sign up for library cards and show them how to use them.

Be aware of the Summer Slide: Increase parental awareness of the summer slide and increase the number of minutes children read over the summer. Download the FREE summer reading calendar below.

Summer Reading Passport: Create summer “passports” and then have a local librarian give your students “stamps” when they go to the library and read a book off of your summer reading list.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Download this summer reading calendar and give to your students. It will help your students keep track of their reading goals and serve as a reminder to stay on track. 

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Bye Bye May – & YAY for a Blue Skies BragTag™ Giveaway

Where did May go?!! Seriously? It’s hard to believe another school year is winding down, or already over for some! We’re hoping to put a smile on your face during the last crazy days of school by giving away more BragTags™!

First Grade Blue Skies

The lovely Jennifer from First Grade Blue Skies is hosting a BragTag™ giveaway! Super cute, totally custom tags you can use for end of school awards, or for the beginning of next year – whatever best fits your needs. Hop on over and check out her adorable blog, she has awesome tips, lesson plans, freebies and more!


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Summer Tips for Healthy Choices

I was thrilled to learned that students and teachers at the high school my two boys attend, will be planting a large vegetable garden on school grounds. The vegetables grown in this garden will be used in the cafeteria for student consumption. LOVE this concept! Students of all ages are adopting healthier lifestyles. Elementary schools across the nation are embracing this “healthy choice” concept, check out one particular elementary school’s success story!

First Lady Michelle Obama is making huge efforts to create healthier lifestyles with her campaign “Let’s Move“. One of the major goals is to create healthier school environments through promotion of nutrition and physical activity. Principals and teachers can get involved in her quest to raise a healthier generation of kids by joining the HealthierUS School Challenge.

Regular exercise in nature is proven to improve children’s physical and mental health. Outdoor activity helps kids maintain a healthy weight, boosts their immunity and bone health and lowers stress. Kids need at least 60 minutes of active and vigorous play each day to stay healthy, and one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to meet this goal is by playing outside.

FREE Download: Help your students begin a healthy active summer with this “Weekly Exercise Chart“. From now until the end of the school year, give your students this weekly exercise chart, each week award the students that exercised, and completed the chart with the “Weekly Exercise Certificate“!


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Mother’s Day Free Download

I’m sure you know this book…

I will never forget it. It was a Mother’s Day celebration in my son’s kindergarten class. There we all were, moms and kids, sitting criss cross apple sauce on the floor listening to the calm and soothing voice of kindergarten teacher extraordinaire, Ms Watts. Even though it was more than 10 years ago, I can close my eyes and very clearly hear her melodic voice as she reads the touching verse:

I’ll love you forever,
I’ll like you for always,
As long as I’m living
my baby you’ll be

I will always remember how this little book tugged on my heart-strings that day; and I’m sure the beloved Ms. Watts knew that was the perfect Mother’s Day treat. : )

Help your students make Mother’s Day special with this sweet Mother’s Day Coupon Book.

Do you have a special mother days project that you like to do in your classroom? If so, we’d love for you to share.

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Winner of the Teacher Appreciation BragTags™

Thank you, thank you, thank you. All of your comments and ideas were WONDERFUL and more than fun to read! We sincerely wish we could give every one of you BragTags™!

Stay tuned… more chances and contests coming up THIS MONTH!

The five winners are below, we will contact you via email today.

To every one of you amazingly talented, caring, giving, kindhearted, benevolent and just plain AWESOME teachers – you are much appreciated today and everyday!

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Last Day to Enter Teacher Appreciation GIVEAWAY

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU for all you do, you are appreciated, revered and respected!

In Honor of Teacher Appreciation Week May 7-11. We are giving FIVE lucky winners free BragTags™! Winners will be announced tomorrow May 8, so don’t miss out – enter today! You may be the lucky winner, simply leave a comment on the “Teacher of the Year – Giveaway”.

Teacher of the Year – Giveaway!

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