Summer Reading Made EASY

23 May

Summer is right around the corner — and with it comes many opportunities to relax and enjoy hot sunny days. But summer also brings opportunities to learn and grow. Days get longer and students’ attention spans can get shorter. Here are a few tips to help preserve the progress you and your students have made this year.

Spark their interest: Read the first book in a series to your students before summer starts and then encourage them to read the rest of the series over the summer.

Public Library Tour: Before school is out, take your kids to the library on a field trip. Help them sign up for library cards and show them how to use them.

Be aware of the Summer Slide: Increase parental awareness of the summer slide and increase the number of minutes children read over the summer. Download the FREE summer reading calendar below.

Summer Reading Passport: Create summer “passports” and then have a local librarian give your students “stamps” when they go to the library and read a book off of your summer reading list.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Download this summer reading calendar and give to your students. It will help your students keep track of their reading goals and serve as a reminder to stay on track. 

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One response to “Summer Reading Made EASY

  1. Mackenzie Sheahan

    May 24, 2012 at 12:04 am

    Thanks for the great calendar and book list! My fourth graders love a challenge!


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