Using Technology to Keep Your Students on Track Over the Summer

31 May

Today’s teachers are working in a brave new world—one where tablets, apps, and interactive whiteboards are all part of the learning environment. But in order to make this technology a meaningful part of the curriculum, it needs to be incorporated in a thoughtful way.

Using Technology to Keep Your Students on Track Over the Summer

With so much cool technology available, it’s easy to stay in touch with your students over the summer and to encourage them to keep reading, learning and growing even when they are on break. Below are a few ways that you can utilize technology to avoid the summer slide and keep your students on track this summer.

1. Create a summer reading list that includes books from a variety of genres and on a variety of subjects so all of your students will find something they’re interested in. Post this list on your blog or website.

2. Start a classroom blog or website where students can post about the books they’re reading, the museums they’ve visited and what they’ve learned over the summer.

3. Free Download: Print out this list of educational iPhone, iPad or iPod apps for your students’ parents and encourage them to download these apps for their kids.

Spotlight on Faces iMakeApps for Autism.  As some of you know we have a soft spot for Autism supporters. 🙂

Do you have a technology tip you find useful to encourage at-home learning?

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