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BragTag GIVEAWAY! “Welcome to my Classroom” (closed)

Thank you everyone, this contest is now closed. Winners will be announced August 10.

Beginning the new school year on a positive note sets the stage for a productive school year. Help your students start strong. Put them at ease and instill confidence in their upcoming school year with a “welcome” BragTag!

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Winner has choice of the Pencil BragTag, the Star BragTag or we’ll design any BragTag to your exact specifications! Once we have your specifications – we ship tags the following day – so you will have them in plenty of time for your first day of class!


BragTag™ Giveaway August 1-9.

Remember to enter giveaway:


1. Follow our blog (upper right hand side).
2. Comment on this post. (How do you welcome students to the new school year?)
3. Follow us on twitter!

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Read To Succeed

Speaking of decorating your classroom… I’ve recently come across some AMAZING ideas on creating cozy reading spaces in your classroom. Research has shown that creating a comfortable reading corner with special features actually motivates and encourages students to read (and comprehend) more. This is evidenced in a book that my sister read and highly recommended to me, titled Mosaic of Thought. This book gives simple strategies for creating a comfortable reading corner utilizing natural light, pillows, rugs, bean bags, overstuffed chairs etc. Now, if your thinking you don’t have time to read another book before school starts, let me share the paragraph I read about this ground breaking book, that caught my attention:

When was the last time you finished a book and you were asked to complete a worksheet about it?

You probably haven’t had to do that since you were a student yourself, however this is something that most of us ask our students to do on a daily basis. To me, this doesn’t make much sense. Shouldn’t we teach students to read and comprehend books in a manner that is consistent with how they will read and comprehend as adults?

The book Mosaic of Thought by Ellin Oliver Keene and Susan Zimmermann moves away from worksheets with comprehension questions, utilizing more real-world, student-driven instruction.

Ok, below are pics of the AMAZING ideas on creating cozy reading spaces I’ve recently come across. Pictures really are worth a thousand words. Happy decorating (and reading)!

This last one you may have seen from Cara and The First Grade Parade. She mentioned how much her students loved reading underneath the adorable tree she created, back when she taught 2nd grade. : )

Good luck coming up with your own creative ways to motivate students to read, learn and explore.

Thank you for helping todays students READ TO SUCCEED!


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WINNER – Classroom Door Banner


What GREAT comments, ideas and suggestions for decorating and organizing your classroom! We sincerely thank all of you for taking the time to share.

Congratulations: Queen of the Click!

Next GIVEAWAY August 1-9. THREE teachers will win 35 BragTags™ and 35 chains. Stay tuned!


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GIVEAWAY – Classroom Full Color Vinyl Door Banner

Is it time to start decorating your classroom? Or at least thinking about it? We want to help by GIVING you something colorful, creative and fun that will welcome students into your classroom every day!


This banner is high quality vinyl, hemmed and grommeted, indoor/outdoor and can have anything you can imagine on it! Below is an example from our designers. Use this design, or design the door banner to fit a theme in your classroom… a tree, a monkey, a cat, a dog, a zoo, kids faces – anything… really anything. : )

The size of the banner will be the size of your entire door (you can specify the size you need).

Contest: July 20-25

To Enter:
1. Make sure you follow our blog (upper right corner of blog)
3. That’s it! GOOD LUCK! 

Check out how much decorating the talented Jennifer (in First Grade Blue Skies) was able to get done in her lonely empty school. Her ideas are adorable and of course we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her BragTag™ tree!!

Good luck in this contest, and in decorating your classroom! The Cornerstone, creating a cozy classroom, has great ideas for not only decorating so your classroom is aesthetically pleasing, but also decorating to promote participation, reading and motivation in your classroom.


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Popular Free Downloads For Your Classroom

FREE DOWNLOAD: Bucket Filler

Download our FREE bucket filler wrap (available Small – Medium – Large). Choose the size that best fits your bucket, trim any excess, wrap it around the bucket and let the good deeds flow! Below is an example of a decorated bucket using the medium size free download.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Display Poster

FREE PIN UP POSTER DOWNLOAD! It’s easy – just print, and create your own colorful, fun display board.

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And the winners are…

Can we just say WOW! Your students are very lucky to have such motivated and caring teachers. We applaud your dedication, and appreciate your unwavering efforts to enhance the lives of your students, our future.

Thank you ALL for sharing your outstanding ideas! If you did not win this time, do not fret… there are many more chances. : )

Next contest coming up July 20-25!

We hope you are enjoying every little bit of your summer! We sincerely enjoy hearing from you. Have a good day!

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But wait… that’s not all! : )

Check out this FREE DOWNLOAD. Download our FREE bucket filler wrap (available Small – Medium – Large). Choose the size that best fits your bucket, trim any excess, wrap it around the bucket and let the good deeds flow! Below is an example of a decorated bucket using the medium size free download.

Check out the below example of a decorated bucket by one creative teacher! So cute!

Remember to enter giveaway:
1. Follow our blog (upper right hand side).
2. Comment on this post. (How are your students bucket fillers?)

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