Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

18 Sep

Did you know September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month.

One of the worst problems facing our nation’s children today is obesity. What can we, teachers and educators, do about this issue? September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, a great time to talk to students about healthy habits in diet and exercise. Improving nutrition at school is just part of the story. It’s a good idea to discuss how childhood obesity can affect self-esteem, plus the consequences of teasing and bullying.

Engage your students’ interest in their health and well-being with the interdisciplinary activities in this teacher’s guide for Chew on This: Everything You Don’t Want to Know About Fast Food. This guide includes lesson planning ideas and discussion questions about nutrition, the history of fast food, and the practices of fast-food corporations.

Explore the sensitive issues of teasing and obesity with your class as you read Larger-Than-Life-Lara. The  lesson plans, author commentary, and questions in this guide will promote class discussions.

More FREE Downloads: Help your students begin a healthy active school year with this “Weekly Exercise Chart“. Give your students this weekly exercise chart, each week award the students that exercised, and completed the chart with the “Weekly Exercise Certificate“!

We hope these free downloads may help when discussing this sensitive topic in your classroom. Healthy Choice BragTags™ and “No Bully” BragTags™ are another way to ease into a discussion about Childhood Obesity.

As always, we thank you for going above and beyond for your students (our future).

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