2012 Presidential Elections – Teaching Opportunities

27 Oct

Election Day, November 6, is just around the corner! While you may feel overwhelmed by television and radio ads, phone calls, and 24-hour news coverage of President Obama and Governor Romney, the 2012 Presidential Elections are an excellent teaching opportunity for students of all ages. Help your students understand how important it is for Americans to exercise their right to vote by holding your own classroom mock election, discussing the role of the electoral college, and reviewing the history of the executive office.

Do you remember learning about Margaret Chase Smith? I remember learning about her, which is shocking considering how many years ago I was in school… but we don’t need to get into that. 🙂  Margaret Chase Smith ran for President in 1964 and was the first woman to serve in both houses of the United States Congress (1940-1973). She was the longest-serving female Senator in history! (Until just recently, when Senator Barbara Mikulski started her 5th term in 2011.)

Download this Mock Election Guide associated with the book Margaret Chase Smith: A Woman for President by Lynn Plourde. It’s sure to make a lasting impression on your students! The book is probably in your library, you may already have it, or you can get it here.

Below are more free downloads that you may find helpful during the weeks leading up to November 6, ELECTION DAY.

Here is a concise and simple student guide to “How a President Gets Elected

Game Download: Election Bingo procedures and bingo cards and vocabulary list (Even if you don’t download the bingo game, the vocabulary list may be very helpful to your students.)

Game Download: Three Branches, One Government

Help your students understand the process of electing officials and the power of the vote! Hopefully you can enjoy one or all of these great activities during this 2012 Presidential Election. Happy teaching! 🙂

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