We think schools do the COOLEST things for their students!

02 Nov

BragTag™ news, this just in!

Blanche Sims Elementary has implemented a school wide behavioral program and uses BragTags™ as student incentive and motivation. Today Blanche Sims sent us this wonderful picture of their “Respect Circle”. The kids are all so adorable, holding on to their brag tag necklaces and listening intently to their principal.

Jaime Lovely (from Blanche Sims Elementary) gave me permission to share a wonderful email I received this morning in which she explained the concept of the Respect Circle:

This morning was our second Respect Circle at Blanche Sims. All of the students K-5 come down to the cafeteria and sit in a huge circle. Our principal stands in the middle and announces birthdays from the month (and we all sing Happy Birthday), she then makes important school announcements, talks about our behavior program and announces our Behavior Stars for the month. Each Behavior Star gets one of our new Brag Tags with our Logo on them.The kids were so excited to get their new tags! 🙂

The students at Blanche Sims Elementary don’t yet know how lucky they are. Everything about that circle is strategically being tucked away into their little cores, strengthening their moral fibers, and raising their awareness. Someday they will look back on their respect circle and be thankful for everything it instilled.

Kudos Blanche Sims! (And thank you Jaime for sending the inspiring pic!)

Just for fun, thought I’d share a few proofs we’ve posted for their school wide behavior program. So cute!

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One response to “We think schools do the COOLEST things for their students!

  1. Cindy Marshall

    November 2, 2012 at 8:25 pm

    What a wonderful idea! Blanche Sims is so lucky to have a principal and staff willing to participate in this cool program! Great job instilling self respect!


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