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What an amazing Iditarod!

If your classroom or school participated in an Idita-Read program this year, we hope it was successful and fun for your students!

Since I am now closer to the number 50 than I am to the number 45, I was very happy to hear that this year’s Iditarod produced the oldest champion in history. 53-year-old Mitch Seavey became the oldest winner ever of the grueling, 1,000-mile race. “This is for all of the gentlemen of a certain age who think it ends at 50, because it doesn’t,” 53-year-old Mitch Seavey said after cruising across the finish.

Below are a couple of stories from the 2013 “last great race on earth” that you may want to share with your students if you haven’t already:

Did you hear the story about the beautiful sled dog May? May is a strawberry blond female that disappeared when she was separated from the team due to entangled lines. She was found trotting with bloody paws and very thin after SEVEN days of being alone in severe weather. May was evidentially “running home”. Aaahhh, so happy she is now safe and sound. 🙂


I also loved the story of the Musher that saved his dog with “mouth to snout” CPR. I could read about the amazing feats of the heroic mushers and majestic sled dogs all day!

We love hearing from you. If you have anything to share about your 2013 Idita-Read program, please do!

Have a great week!


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Time Change – Price Change!

Spring is in the air… are you still shoveling snow? Are your trees getting ready to bud? We figured that a price change would be just the right thing to complement the time change and all the exciting activity of the spring season. Enjoy the lower prices on all BragTags!

lower price

Spring Season is also test-taking season for many of you. This can be a stressful time for both teachers and students. Motivate and encourage your students before the test as well as after the test. We have a variety of testing BragTags for you to choose from – or you can design your own! Click below and check out what other creative schools have come up with for “spring testing season”. 🙂


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As March marches in…

Do you feel like your students’ attention spans march out? Keep your students on task while having some fun to boot!

FREE DOWNLOAD: Give yourself and your students a fun break with this “keep ’em quiet” Leprechaun art project.

FREE DOWNLOAD: This easy “heart butterfly” art project will make any classroom look like spring is in full bloom! Attach to bulletin boards, chairs, doorways and watch spring fly in! The first day of SPRING is Wednesday March 20.

Combat Spring Fever in the Elementary Classroom

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Motivate and reward: Spring is the time to pull out all the stops when it comes to motivation and reward systems. Be generous with stickers, tags, and treats. Have kindness contests. When a student shows kindness to a fellow classmate, he gets a sticker on his chart, or a brag tag for his/her chain. When a student reports another student showing kindness, the reporter gets a sticker on his chart or a brag tag on his/her chain as well. This results in “positive” tattling! Make a compliment jar for the class. When the entire class follows a specific rule, a compliment “good job” is placed into the jar. You can use marbles, slip of paper, game markers-anything that can be counted. When twenty compliments are received, the class gets to celebrate with ice cream. Have each student set a reading goal for the last nine weeks of school, and keep a personal record of achievement. A special bookmark can be given when the goal is reached.

Count it down: Teachers have been doing it for years. Somewhere in the classroom, post the number of school days left, and assign a student to change the number each day. Spring fever is much easier to endure when you can see the deadline just ahead!


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