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Teacher Appreciation Week May 6-10

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Giveaway dates: April 29 – May 10

“A teacher affects eternity; no one can tell where his influence stops”. Henry Adams


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Teachable Moments with Mother Earth


Environmental Week: April 14-20  / Earth Day: April 22

Now is the perfect time to talk about “going green.” A focus on what’s good for the environment gives students a greater understanding of how important it is to respect our earth.

Topics for classroom discussion: Global warming, climate change, and “green” classroom practices, are all great topics to discuss with your students this Earth Day. Brainstorm ideas on “green” classroom practices with your students, and keep a “Go Green” notebook with tips from the brainstorming session. Below are a few classroom tips for “going green” that 4th graders came up with:

* To cut down on energy, only use half the lights in the room. 
* Recycle paper and other items everyday. 
* During nice weather, students turn off fans and open the windows.

DOWNLOAD this interactive lesson plan: Students are the detectives in the Case of the Broken Loop, an activity about reducing waste and conserving resources. This fun lesson will make a great contribution to your efforts to teach environmentalism in the classroom. Included are a word search, crossword, scramble, and more!

Below are other FREE DOWNLOADS that are designed specifically to encourage your students to think about our earth and natural resources:

WHO GIVES A HOOT – Students learn about endangered birds and animals.

EASY ON THE OIL – To give your students a better understanding of how dangerous oil spills can be to our environment, you may want to show them the 13 largest oil spills in history. Note: Twenty-one years later, oil from the Exxon Valdez spill remains a few inches below the surface on many of Alaska’s beaches.

SAVING OUR EARTH – Students will test their knowledge and enjoy a few “eye-opening” facts about consumption, and easy ways to reduce.

Thank you for making a difference everyday! 🙂

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