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YOU are so efficient!

For many of you, the end of the school year is near!

During this BUSY time we’ve got you covered for LAST MINUTE awards, incentives and end of year treats. Making a “last minute” award look like you’ve planned it all year is our specialty! Visit us today or give us a call at 877-773-7705 and see just how easy it is!

Then cruise into summer confidently, knowing all your students are smiling and feel successful! Great job, you did it again! 🙂


While you are being so efficient, how about getting a jump on next year’s school calendars and saving some money at the same time? If you order your calendar magnets in June or July, we’ll take an extra 10% off the price of the calendars!


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Get your students excited about being BUSY AS A BEE with SUMMER READING.

Download our DON’T BUG ME, I’M READING! calendar PDF. Students will find it easy “not to be a slug” about recording their summer reading! Share with your classroom these fun ideas for dusting the spider webs out of their little brains over the summer.

Summer Reading


A Summer Reading Challenge: Give each student a BUG-TASTIC Summer Reader BragTag®. Your classroom is a summer reading team! Have students brainstorm titles of books and authors they like, and make a “summer reading list” from the brainstorming session. Students will see this as a fun opportunity to read books their classmates like, rather than the usual summer reading “assignment list”. Make sure your students know it’s a team effort! The team brainstormed together to come up with the list, now they can read together to meet their summer reading goals! If they read from the team’s summer reading list, the ENTIRE TEAM should wear their BUG-TASTIC BragTag the first week of school, after summer break. Even if the student isn’t returning to your classroom, see how many students can proudly come back to school as a BUG-TASTIC reader!



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Congratulations WINNER of 350 BRAGTAGS®



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Increase Your Attendance Record! Easy Peasy!

In one SIMPLE click, you can cost effectively increase your attendance record! Perfect Attendance BragTags® are proven effective! See what other Principals, Teachers and Administrators say!

We’ve now made it SUPER EASY to order custom Perfect Attendance BragTags®.

Our graphic designers extraordinaire: Rene, Juan and Jeff have turned the cuteness factor 🙂 WAY up, with our six new themes: Academics, Animals, Bugs, Sports, Holidays & Monsters.

From our homepage, select a theme, enter your school name and receive 9 FREE BragTags® proofs!

That’s it.

Then sit back and be proud of yourself for the ease in which you are so efficient. Your attendance records will increase, and you will be a hero! So what if it was super easy and only took one minute… results speak for themselves, and your still the hero!


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