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Refer your principal, win FREE BragTags®!


By now, you’ve probably noticed how much we LOVE educators! So, teachers, please help us spread the love by telling the principal of your school about, and you could WIN BragTags® for your classroom!

During each and every month of the 2013-2014 school year, will reward a teacher/principal pair with FREE BragTags®. The wonderful teacher that referred their principal will receive tags for their classroom, and the principal will receive “Caught Being Good by My Principal” tags!

Example BragTags® below:

pltssow    Prin_CBG

To enter: Simply have your principal sign up as a new customer on our website. It will take less than a minute! THAT’S ALL THERE IS TO IT!

**Make sure your principal writes “PRINCIPAL” as their position, and clicks “TEACHER AT MY SCHOOL” for the survey drop down menu “how did you first hear about”.

*To give you an idea of how quick and simple it is to sign up, below is an example of the customer sign up form:

orderform example

See how short and sweet it is, it will take no time at all… and in no time you and your principal could be rewarded! So spread the love to your principal any way you’d like… forward this blog link, give them a call, send them an email or visit their office. 

We’d love for you and your principal to win these exciting little motivators known as BragTags®!

Good luck! 🙂


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