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Feeling Nostalgic

Back to school is always important to us at, but this year “back to school” for me, is bitter-sweet. Please bear with me for a moment, I’m feeling nostalgic…This past weekend we drove my older son to begin his freshman year in college. We moved him into his dorm room, and as we drove away the only picture in my mind was my little boy getting on the bus his first day of school, or his big smile showing off his first big catch, or proudly displaying his architectural feat with building blocks. As these pictures streamed through my head, a few tears streamed down my cheeks. The reality of father time pressed a lump in my throat as I realized time doesn’t stand still in these moments (like we wished it would), but rather continues on… to other moments that we equally wish would stand still in time.




Moments like… high school graduation, my two boys giving me exactly what I wanted last Christmas and yes, even saying goodbye in a dorm room. Great moments make great memories…




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We’ve been thinking about you all summer! :)

We hope that you are having a relaxing, lazy summer, enjoying long walks on the beach, watching the sunsets and getting caught up on your personal reading list. Haha! Who are we kidding! We know life doesn’t stop when the school year ends. So, we’ve been working on some cool stuff for you this summer. Click on the images below and check out what we’ve been working on at

The beginning of the school year is a hectic time, especially for principals. So, to help streamline things, we’ve come up with a Principal’s Starter Kit. Simply type in your school name, and we’ll post seventeen FREE, no obligation proofs of personalized products that cover it all– perfect attendance, awards, school info, testing, and more!
We all know how important attendance is for teachers, administrators and even the students. We have a proven track record of helping schools improve their overall attendance. And now, we’ve made it even easier for you! Just enter your school name and we’ll post nine FREE, no obligation proofs of Perfect Attendance BragTags® for you.


Looking for an easy way to get your school information out to the parents? How about a colorful magnet for them to stick on their refrigerator? Parents will appreciate not having to dig through school papers and will be more likely to phone in absences. Check out our informational statement magnets:


You already know about this one… Make a good impression on your principal! Tip them off to something that really works, AND your referral may win FREE BragTags® for you and your principal. You’ll be a hero! Now that’s a great way to begin the school year on a positive note.


Finally, we created a new 2013-2014 catalog! Be watching your mailbox, or if you’re impatient like us, click on the image below to download your very own digital copy.


Thanks for all you do on a daily basis to make our world better!

We love what we do, and we hope you feel the same!

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