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Countdown – 100 Days of School!

We believe children should be rewarded for their accomplishments, not with a three-foot high trophy, but with a smile, a comment, and occasionally a tangible reward that they can savor for a while before fading away and becoming one of the many encouraging and motivating experiences in their lives.

Our goals are quite simple, we hope to help you encourage children to: 1) come to school, 2) behave while there, 3) master what is taught and 4) have fun.

We are counting down to the 100th day of school with these 4 goals in mind!

René, one of our super star designers, has created a clever 100th Day Workbook packed with fun worksheets for students to complete. This workbook also includes a full color “I’m 100 Days Smarter” certificate!



We hope this FREE DOWNLOAD helps you get a head start on a very fun event for teachers, staff and of course students!

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