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Some things are hard to read about, and harder still to talk about. But it is critical, even imperative that we do. We must do this in the name of love.

LOVE146 is an organization with a vision: “The abolition of child trafficking and exploitation. Nothing less.”

As educators with access to children on a daily basis, your role in “prevention education” (teaching children how to protect themselves) is not only vital, it is crucial. You will no doubt help a child during their lifetime more than you will ever know.

“The best people to prevent the trafficking of children are children themselves. Prevention Education acts as a vaccine to this social ill.”

This Valentine’s Day, we at are partnering with our customers and LOVE146 to help end trafficking and exploitation of children. Every time you use promotional code LOVE146 during checkout, you will receive an EXTRA 5% off your order, AND we will donate 5% of every order total to LOVE146.


LOVE146: “Her name became a number. Her number became our name.”

…Her number was 146. She was looking beyond the glass. She was staring out at us with a piercing gaze. There was still fight left in her eyes. There was still life left in this girl… read more

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THANK YOU everyone for taking the time to comment on the new Common Core State Standards. We love hearing from you, your thoughts and comments are very insightful and interesting.

Congratulations to the BragTag® winners:

Jessica C and Concerned

Thanks again EVERYONE, as educators you have your fingers on the pulse of our youth more than anyone, and we at appreciate all you do for your students every day!




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WIN BRAGTAGS®! – Common Core Discussion


Are you in a state that has adopted the Common Core State Standards? In 2014-2015, new tests will be administered, replacing the old state exams, to gauge whether teachers and students are meeting the goals laid out by Common Core. This is obviously a complex matter that warrants healthy discussion.

CCSS is a hot topic, and we’d like to know what you think. Please leave a comment on this blog post with your thoughts and opinions on the Common Core State Standards. How do you think it has or will affect you and/or your students. There are no right or wrong comments, we’d simply like to hear your opinion.

TWO LUCKY WINNERS will be chosen from the comments. So leave us a comment with your thoughts on CCSS, and you may WIN 100 BragTags® of your choice along with 24″ neck chains.

Winners will be announced January 22nd. 

Whether Common Core or a different state assessment, or a project all your own… we ‘re trying to make it easy to cost effectively motivate your students to achieve GREAT SUCCESS! Our powerful READING, MATH and LITERATURE BRAGTAGS work!

EVERY student deserves recognition, so it is our goal to make BragTags affordable enough for you to recognize and reward EVERY student in your school. Soon you will see how students clamor to collect these powerful motivators! Bring on the Common Core State Standards— you’re ready!




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