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Are you prepared for Red Ribbon Week?

Red Ribbon Week October 23-31.

Thank you for spreading the word to every student… “Love Yourself, Be Drug Free!”



Drug Free PatchBand™

I’m Drug Free PatchBand™

Just Say No Silicone Wristband

Just Say No Debossed Wristbands

Econo Ribbon

I’m Drug Free Econo Ribbon

Econo Ribbon

Drug Free Kid Econo Ribbon

Always Be Drug Free Flat Ribbon

Always Be Drug Free
Flat Ribbon

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Super CUTE Brag Patches, for super BUSY Teachers!

Do you ever second guess yourself? I do all the time. 🙂

For example: I run the gamut between wanting to post (what I think is exciting news) to you everyday, and not wanting to crowd your inbox (and be yet another email you need to weed through and delete). In general I think less is more, so you haven’t heard from me in a while. 🙂

There was NO SECOND guessing about this post! I’m sure you are going to be as excited about our super cute Pencil PatchTags™ and PatchBands™ as we are! They are flying off our shelves as fast as we can make them!

PatchBand™ : PatchTags™


Knowing, that especially now, you are super busy, we’ve added an affordable Holiday Bundle Pack to make your life easy! Yep, no second guessing this one either… you are the coolest teacher on the block!

Holiday Pack


We sincerely hope our little blog posts find a way to brighten your day, help motivate your students, and honor the impactful work you do every day!

We’re here to help make your school vibrant, unique and successful. We care about the life of your school. We even changed our name to reflect just that! School Life, a division of ImageStuff.

Have a great day!

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