My sister (Stacey) and I (Kim) are the founders and owners of School Life / ImageStuff, and we, along with our father and partner Jim in Texas, would like to personally thank you for visiting our Blog. Although we’ve grown and now have manufacturing facilities and offices in CA, TX and OR. We really mean it when we say our business is very close to our heart.  

We named our company School Life, because we care about the life of your school. We’re hear to help make your school vibrant, unique and successful.

Our parents were principals and school administrators, our aunts are school teachers and librarians. Public schools and student achievement have meant a lot to our family for a very long time. It is our goal to ensure, especially in difficult economic times, that ALL students are being rewarded and recognized. It’s nice to share the same vision with you.

Sisterly love… (Stacey and Kim) in our CA facility.


Thanks again, Kim

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3 responses to “HOME IS WHERE OUR HEART IS

  1. Larson Rob and Mary Kathryn

    August 4, 2012 at 3:10 pm

    Two CUTE and CREATIVE sisters! You look GREAT!


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