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Are you prepared for Red Ribbon Week?

Red Ribbon Week October 23-31.

Thank you for spreading the word to every student… “Love Yourself, Be Drug Free!”



Drug Free PatchBand™

I’m Drug Free PatchBand™

Just Say No Silicone Wristband

Just Say No Debossed Wristbands

Econo Ribbon

I’m Drug Free Econo Ribbon

Econo Ribbon

Drug Free Kid Econo Ribbon

Always Be Drug Free Flat Ribbon

Always Be Drug Free
Flat Ribbon

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Countdown Pumpkin!

Since my sons are no longer of the age for pumpkin patch excursions, I must find excuses each year to frolic in a pumpkin patch on my own! And since I don’t take pumpkin carving as seriously as my husband, I must find means other than a knife to decorate pumpkins. (See pic below, yes he really did carve that!) This year’s “pumpkin patch excursion excuse” was to give my dogs some exercise on a beautiful fall Sunday afternoon. The super sweet farmer even let me walk my four-legged companions through the corn maze! (Do you think he felt sorry for a woman all alone with two dogs at a pumpkin farm?) 🙂

Here is what I wanted to share with you…  I painted one of the pumpkins with CHALKBOARD paint. It was very easy and you can write or draw anything you wish on the chalkboard paint, after it dries for 24 hours. I purchased the chalkboard paint at Home Depot. It really is quick and easy to do.

Easy craft idea: keep a “countdown” pumpkin in your classroom until Halloween! Each day, you or a student can erase the number and write in a new number on the pumpkin until it’s finally “0” days left until Halloween!

And of course we know what that means… a little extra mischief and a lot of candy! Or if you’re trying to cut down on your little monster’s sugar intake that day, you still have time to give them Halloween BragTags! Halloween BragTags, including shipping to your school, are less than the cost of giving each student a candy bar (and a lot healthier too)!


See what I mean, my husband takes his pumpkin carving very seriously. But trick is on him, each year our friends have high expectations, and on more than one occasion, he’s let them down. 🙂


Seve and Tiger, my four-legged pumpkin patch companions. The pumpkin farmer even gave them apple cider, which they politely drank without spilling a drop. haha!



Enjoy the COUNTDOWN until Halloween!

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Halloween… a time when everyone can be young at heart, dress up in silly costumes, eat candy and forget about the real world for a day! The enjoyment of seeing a twinkle in the eyes of little ones, that are so cleverly tricking adults into giving them candy, is enough to make anyone smile!

Halloween is a time to unabashedly have fun and make fond memories. Some of my most fond memories include a good friend and inspiring teacher everyone called Mr. N. Even though Mr. N is no longer with us, his zest for life, and zany love of Halloween will forever be remembered. Mr. Nakamura taught both of my boys (years ago) when they were in elementary school. Halloween was something special to Mr. N. His students would anxiously anticipate his dazzling costume each year. On more than one occasion, I remember my boys’ conversation at the dinner table, “dude, what do you think Mr. N will be this Halloween!”, followed by lots of guessing, usually consisting of their favorite superhero at the time. Mr. N, an amazing teacher and friend that spread a little mischief and a lot of happiness in every life he touched.

Mr. N

Do something spooky and special for students during the month of October! We’ve got your cute little monsters covered with perfect attendance tags! Every student will want to earn one of these scary Perfect Attendance BragTags®!


Halloween BragTags® — students love them because they are fun, educators love them because they are cost-effective and appropriate.halloween_bragtags

Friendly Reminder: October 23-31 Red Ribbon Week. “A HEALTHY ME IS DRUG FREE”


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Let’s dig in the dirt!

from farm to school

June is National Fruit and Veggie Month, so in honor of that, I’ve decided to plant a small 4′ x 4′ garden… yes in June. For most teachers, March, April and May becomes too hectic to plan and plant a garden. But with this easy 4 x 4 garden template, you can plant a garden this summer! Join me, it’s not too late.

Since it’s not too hot yet in Oregon, I can sow lettuce seeds directly into the ground. However, I purchased small herb and tomato plants from Home Depot to transplant into my 4 x 4 garden. You may choose to purchase all starter plants, however you decide to begin will be PERFECT!

C’mon give gardening a try! As my dad has always said…”it’s good to dig in the dirt”.

Gardening is truly good for the soul. It will give you time to think about how important it is to teach your students happy and healthy living! Think of your small summer garden as a “hands-on” teaching workshop, that yields homegrown goodness for you and your family to enjoy!

summer garden

This little template for a manageable bed gives you enough room for the pleasure of a summer garden without too much work or expense.

As you are happily planting and harvesting your own small garden this summer, think about ways you can get your classroom and/or school involved in a Farm to School Program:

These programs connect schools with local farms. The objectives: improving student nutrition, providing health and nutrition education opportunities that will last a lifetime, and supporting local small farmers. You will be an expert and a hero, because of your own “summer garden hands-on workshop”. 🙂 Next school year, share with your classroom your own gardening experience. With your new expertise it will be easy to facilitate a Farm to School Program. “School gardens are outdoor classrooms where children explore nature and grow their own food. Gardens provide an opportunity to integrate lessons in science, math, reading, environmental studies, nutrition, and health. Research shows, children who grow fruits and vegetables are more likely to eat those fruits and vegetables.”

You’re an amazing teacher, and again, we THANK YOU!

Happy summer! Now let’s go dig in the dirt! 🙂

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Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

Did you know September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month.

One of the worst problems facing our nation’s children today is obesity. What can we, teachers and educators, do about this issue? September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, a great time to talk to students about healthy habits in diet and exercise. Improving nutrition at school is just part of the story. It’s a good idea to discuss how childhood obesity can affect self-esteem, plus the consequences of teasing and bullying.

Engage your students’ interest in their health and well-being with the interdisciplinary activities in this teacher’s guide for Chew on This: Everything You Don’t Want to Know About Fast Food. This guide includes lesson planning ideas and discussion questions about nutrition, the history of fast food, and the practices of fast-food corporations.

Explore the sensitive issues of teasing and obesity with your class as you read Larger-Than-Life-Lara. The  lesson plans, author commentary, and questions in this guide will promote class discussions.

More FREE Downloads: Help your students begin a healthy active school year with this “Weekly Exercise Chart“. Give your students this weekly exercise chart, each week award the students that exercised, and completed the chart with the “Weekly Exercise Certificate“!

We hope these free downloads may help when discussing this sensitive topic in your classroom. Healthy Choice BragTags™ and “No Bully” BragTags™ are another way to ease into a discussion about Childhood Obesity.

As always, we thank you for going above and beyond for your students (our future).

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Summer Tips for Healthy Choices

I was thrilled to learned that students and teachers at the high school my two boys attend, will be planting a large vegetable garden on school grounds. The vegetables grown in this garden will be used in the cafeteria for student consumption. LOVE this concept! Students of all ages are adopting healthier lifestyles. Elementary schools across the nation are embracing this “healthy choice” concept, check out one particular elementary school’s success story!

First Lady Michelle Obama is making huge efforts to create healthier lifestyles with her campaign “Let’s Move“. One of the major goals is to create healthier school environments through promotion of nutrition and physical activity. Principals and teachers can get involved in her quest to raise a healthier generation of kids by joining the HealthierUS School Challenge.

Regular exercise in nature is proven to improve children’s physical and mental health. Outdoor activity helps kids maintain a healthy weight, boosts their immunity and bone health and lowers stress. Kids need at least 60 minutes of active and vigorous play each day to stay healthy, and one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to meet this goal is by playing outside.

FREE Download: Help your students begin a healthy active summer with this “Weekly Exercise Chart“. From now until the end of the school year, give your students this weekly exercise chart, each week award the students that exercised, and completed the chart with the “Weekly Exercise Certificate“!


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